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Your personal settings let you customize some elements of Jira to your liking, including language, time zone, watch settings, and email type. For other settings, like your full name, avatar, password, and email address, see Managing your user profile.

  1. Select Your profile and settings () > Settings.
  2. Update the options in the Preferences section and choose Save changes.

You can update these options in personal settings:

  • Language – Change your Jira application language to one of the available options.
  • Your timezone – The time zone used for date and time information across your Jira applications. If the time zone you select doesn't match your computer's time zone, you'll have the option to automatically update this preference.
  • Watch your issues – With this enabled, you become a watcher of any issue that you create or comment on. This means you'll get an email when someone updates or comments on the issue.
  • Email notifications format – Email notifications can be sent in plain text or HTML.
  • Notifications of your changes – Choose whether or not to receive email notifications about your own changes to issues.
  • Email notification preferences – Choose in which situations you get email notifications. You can reduce the amount of email you get from Jira by unchecking notifications for certain situations.

How email notifications are configured in Jira Cloud

Jira admins configure email settings for projects on a Jira site using notification schemes. These initially determine when you receive email updates for issue activity, like when an issue is transitioned or when there's a comment. You can choose not to receive email updates in certain situations to reduce the amount of email you get from Jira.

By default, you'll get email updates for issue activity when:

  • You’re watching the issue
  • You’re the reporter
  • You're the assignee for the issue
  • Someone mentions you

If you don't want email updates for any of those situations, uncheck the relevant checkbox. For example, if you only want emails when someone mentions you, uncheck all the checkboxes apart from Someone mentions you.

Here's an example of what you'll see:

Manage connected apps

You can view and manage apps with access to your Jira account via the Personal settings page. These apps use OAuth access tokens issued by Jira to give them access to restricted data on an external, OAuth-compliant web application or website (also known as a "consumer").

  1. Select Your profile and settings () > Settings
  2. Choose Manage apps in the Connected apps section at the bottom of the page

Check out Allowing OAuth access for more information on when to issue or revoke OAuth access tokens.

Last modified on Sep 18, 2019

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