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The sidebar consists of two parts:

  • A global sidebar where you can search, create issues, and manage your profile settings. Learn more.
  • Either an application sidebar or a project sidebar, depending on your context.

The sidebar shows different navigation and menu items, depending on where you are in Jira.

These colors help keep you oriented when navigating:

 Blue means you're at the product level.

 Gray means you're at the project level.

You can collapse the sidebar to focus on your team's work and expand it when you're ready to move around:

  1. Hover over the right border of the sidebar.
  2. Click or drag the sidebar out of the way.
  3. Hover over it to open the sidebar temporarily.
  4. Click the to open the sidebar permanently.

The icons in the collapsed sidebar match the icons in the expanded sidebar, making it easier to find the link you need.

When you work outside of a project, for example when searching for issues or viewing dashboards, the sidebar will appear a bright blue color. It indicates that you are at the application level, just above the projects.

At this level, you can navigate to:

  • Your work
  • Dashboards
  • Projects
  • Issues and filters, including CSV importing

If you have add-ons installed, like Portfolio for Jira or Tempo, you'll find links to them here.

When you log in, you'll see the Your work page by default. We think this view suits most people using Jira. But, program managers and other cross-functional team members might get more use from their custom dashboards. You can change your default landing page by selecting More (•••) > Switch my homepage back to Dashboards.

Jira administrators can also access application, projects, issues, add-on, and system settings by selecting Jira settings.

The sidebar displays project navigation and menu items when you navigate into a project. When you're working inside a project, the sidebar turns gray.At this level, you can navigate to:

  • Backlog (in Scrum projects)
  • Active sprints (in Scrum projects)
  • Kanban board (in Kanban projects)
  • Reports
  • Releases
  • Issues and filters
  • Releases
  • Components
Project administrators can also access the project settings by selecting  Project settings.

We know that teams work across many projects. Now, you can quickly access your most recently viewed projects. When you are in a project:

  1. Select the current project's name in the project sidebar.
  2. Select a recent project you want to switch to.

Boards live within Jira projects. Choose the Jira icon ( or ) > Projects. Then, select a project to see its board.

Your team can see how work progresses on a board, all while staying in the project context.

If you work from more than one board, the quickest way to switch between boards you regularly visit is in the project sidebar.

While working in a project, select the board's name from the sidebar to see a list of the project's boards and other recently viewed boards:

  • Select a board from the list to switch to it.
  • Select Create board to create a new board in the project you're viewing.

Learn more about working with boards

Last modified on Nov 4, 2019

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