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Enable reports for your next-gen software project

  1. Navigate to your next-gen software project.
  2. Go to Project Settings > Features.
  3. Enable the Reports feature.

How reports display data

  • If the Estimation feature has been enabled for your project, your Reports will display using your team's story point estimates for each issue.
  • If Estimation feature hasn't been enabled, your Reports will display using the number of issues, which means they will treat each issue as having equal weighting. 

Burnup Report

Track your team's progress towards successful sprint completion by comparing a sprint's completed work with its total scope.

  • The vertical axis represents the amount of work. The horizontal axis represents time in days.
  • The distance between the lines on the chart is the amount of work remaining. When the project has been completed, the lines will meet.
  • Examine the 'Work scope' line to identify any scope creep.

Velocity report

Review your team's success in completing previous sprints, and use this information to predict how much work they can commit to in future sprints.

  • The vertical axis displays the statistic used for estimating stories. The horizontal axis displays the last 7 sprints completed by the team; this data is used to calculate velocity.
  • The Commitment (blue) bar for each sprint shows the total estimate of all issues in the sprint when it begins. After the sprint has started, any stories added to the sprint, or any changes made to estimates, will not be included in this total. 
  • The Completed (green) bar in each sprint shows the total completed estimates when the sprint ends. Any scope changes made after the sprint started are included in this total.

Last modified on Nov 1, 2018

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