Working with next-gen software projects

Next-gen projects are the newest projects in Jira Software. They're perfect for teams that want to quickly jump in and get started, without messing with any complicated configuration. They're also great for teams that don't want the structure of our classic Scrum and Kanban boards. If you want to learn more, or want to ask us about Jira Software's next-gen projects, join the discussion at Atlassian Community.

NOTE: To use a next-gen board, you need to create a next-gen Scrum or Kanban project. You cannot add a next-gen board to a classic Scrum or Kanban project.

Example next-gen board

Get started with next-gen

Explore the basics of next-gen boards to help you get started on your next big project. Learn more

Get your team involved

Invite your team to your next-gen board so you can start collaborating. Learn more

Manage epics in next-gen projects

Track high-level work using epics, and add and remove stories to epics to manage work at multiple levels.  Learn more.

Manage subtasks in next-gen projects

Break down stories, bugs, and tasks into more granular steps. Learn more.

Add rules to your next-gen board

Automatically assign issues or update their fields when you move them across the columns of your board. Learn more

Enable agile features

Next-gen boards include optional agile features. Switch on/off features to tailor the board to your team's needs. Learn more

Integrate with other tools

Make your project even more powerful by linking it with tools like Bitbucket. Learn more

Manage your next-gen project

Learn about configuring issue types, fields, and other settings for your next-gen project. Learn more

Last modified on May 27, 2019

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