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Today, the majority of Marketplace apps are Cloud apps. In fact, we added more than 600 Cloud apps to the Marketplace in the last year. However, as Marketplace partners continue to share with us their timeline and intentions for building in cloud, we will be surfacing to our customers alternatives to the apps which are confirmed as won't be built in cloud. Marketplace partners may choose not to build a cloud version of their Data Center and Server apps for a number of reasons, including:

  • Business decision: The partner has confirmed they do not have business interest in building cloud versions of the app.

  • Technical capabilities: Cloud may not be feasible for the data center or server app for various reasons

  • Offered Natively: The app's features are offered natively in the Atlassian Cloud platform

The below pages provide links to suggested and potential alternatives to Jira or Confluence Marketplace apps that are confirmed as won't be built in cloud. While this is not a complete list, it can be used as a guide to assist with customers when making assessments regarding their apps in their journey to cloud.

How we Determine which Cloud Alternatives to Recommend

Above all, we want to enable customers with the right information, that allows them to make a plan for their migration and successfully migrate to cloud. We weigh several factors to source alternatives to the data center or server apps, as there is no single criteria. Rather, we are creating a selection process through many data points to create a comprehensive selection of alternatives for customers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

This list doesn't include an alternative for the app I need

This is not an exhaustive list and will be updated over time. We recommend you search the Atlassian Marketplace for a similar app based on your requirements.

What are the data points you use to select an alternative

Ultimately, we are looking for the alternatives which meet all (or most) of the customer requirements offered through the original app. Data points we will be reviewing to source alternatives include:

  • Alternative apps customers have selected in replacement of their apps when migrating to cloud

  • Atlassian cloud platform and product feature offering

  • Similar keywords in Marketplace app listing descriptions

  • Apps customers also reviewed when making their selection for which app to select

  • Apps by the same Marketplace partner which may be a successor to the original app

  • Anecdotal insights from Atlassian teams supporting customer migrations to the cloud

  • App listings on Marketplace which have used the cloudAddonKeystring API, for when there is an equivalent or successor cloud app of an existing data center/server app by the same Marketplace partner

As a Marketplace Partner, I wish to have my app added / removed from this page

If you do not plan to build a cloud version of your app, or you have changed your app development plans and will be building a cloud version, you can submit a request through this Service desk form.

As a Marketplace partner, how can I confirm the cloud build intention for my app?

If you would like to confirm your cloud intentions, please see this Service desk form. To submit your intentions for more than one app, please revisit the same link and enter the details of another app. You will need to submit one form for each app you’d like to confirm your intentions of.

Last modified on Feb 7, 2023

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