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This directory is no longer current.

To find an Expert, please head over to the new Experts Directory! (smile)


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Atlassian's world-wide network of partners provide outstanding installation assistance, customisation, systems integration, customised training, consulting on work process and best practices, and complementary products and plugins.

Partner Search

Search partners for partners by product, location, and specialty. You will find a list of partners that appear at the top of your search in blue. These are our Premier Partners. A Premier Partner is a top-selling partner, has completed Atlassian's Technical Testing and is experienced with Atlassian products.

Partner Directory

Our Partner Directory is sorted geographically, making it easy and quick to find an Atlassian Partner.

The information in the Partner Directory Entries is self-proclaimed and provided by the Atlassian Partner. Atlassian has not verified the information and is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the Partner.

Need a Recommendation?

Fill out the "Contact the Atlassian Partner Team" form if you cannot find a partner that suits your needs through the Partner Search, or if you have any questions about our partners.

Becoming a Partner

The links below will guide you through the process of joining our Partner program.


The Atlassian Partners

In more than 60 countries and every industry, Atlassian Partners help implement, localise, configure, and support all Atlassian products. Atlassian partners offer a wide range of software development skills, consulting expertise, and best practices experience to help customers leverage their investment. Frequently, Atlassian Partners also rely on Atlassian tools to track their own projects, communicate with clients, and manage knowledge, thus giving them a valuable and unique perspective on the applications they resell and support.