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There are four key advantages to using Confluence to store your attachments:

  1. Inherit permissions of page to which they are attached
  2. Full-text search within attachments
  3. Version control
  4. Attachments are linkable across Confluence pages

By utilising the different ways Confluence can manage attachments it can be used as a knowledge and document management platform. Attachments are files that are included with a page. Confluence lets you control who can add new attachments and who can open attachments on the space level. Once you attach a file, you can provide a link to it from any Confluence page or display a list of attachments for that page. If you attach a file with the same name as an existing attachment, Confluence will create a new version of the existing attachment.

In the case of image attachments, Confluence allows you to display them individually on the page or as a group using the Gallery macro.

If you have a large number of attachments that you would like to move to the wiki, Confluence offers WebDAV functionality that treats Confluence like a network drive and allows you to upload attachments in bulk.

Confluence's Microsoft Office integration allows you to embed Office documents (doc, xls, ppt) and PDF files on a Confluence page and even transform Word documents into a wiki page.