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When configuring security for your JIRA instance, there are two areas to address:

  • permissions within JIRA itself
  • security in the external environment



permissions within JIRA

JIRA has a flexible security system which allows you to configure who can access JIRA, and what they can do/see within JIRA.

There are five types of security within JIRA:

  1. Global permissions — these apply to JIRA as a whole (e.g. who can log in).
  2. Project permissions — organised into permission schemes, these apply to projects as a whole (e.g. who can see the project's issues ('Browse' permission), create, edit and assign them).
  3. Issue security levels — organised into security schemes, these allow the visibility of individual issues to be adjusted, within the bounds of the project's permissions.
  4. Comment visibility — allows the visibility of individual comments (within an issue) to be restricted.
  5. Work-log visibility — allows the visibility of individual work-log entries (within an issue) to be restricted. Does not restrict visibility of progress bar on issue time tracking.



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