Documentation for JIRA 6.4 (This documentation includes the project navigation sidebar). Not using this? See below:
(JIRA 6.4 without sidebar documentation | JIRA 6.3.x documentation | JIRA Cloud documentation | earlier versions of JIRA)

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  1. Download the JIRA 'Windows Installer' (.exe) file from the JIRA EAP Download page.
  2. Run the '.exe' file to start the installation wizard.
    (info) If a Windows 7 (or Vista) 'User Account Control' dialog box requests if you want to allow the installation wizard to make changes to your computer, specify 'Yes'. If you do not, the installation wizard will have restricted access to your operating system and any subsequent installation options will be limited.
  3. At the 'Upgrading JIRA?' step, choose between the 'Express Install' or 'Custom Install' options:
    • Express Install — If you choose this option, JIRA will be installed with default settings which are shown in the next step of the installation wizard. If you want to customise any of these options, click the 'Back' button and choose the 'Custom Install' option instead.
    • Custom Install — If you choose this option, JIRA will prompt you to specify the following options (which are presented during subsequent steps of the installation wizard and pre-populated with default values):
      • The 'Destination Directory' in which to install JIRA.
      • The JIRA Home directory (which must be unique for each JIRA installation).
      • The Windows 'Start' menu folder options.
      • The TCP ports (i.e. an HTTP and a Control port) that JIRA will run through.
      • If you are running the installer using an administrator account, you will be prompted to 'Install JIRA as a service' (recommended). You can also do this manually later, as described in Running JIRA as a Service.
        (tick) If you installed JIRA as a service, you must start JIRA through the Windows 'Start' menu, since JIRA will not start if you run start-jira.bat at the Windows Command Prompt.
  4. The installation wizard will install JIRA onto your operating system and will start JIRA automatically when the wizard finishes. JIRA will also be launched automatically in your browser window if you chose this option.