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The Dragon Slayer's Guide is meant to be used with JIRA versions 6.4 and older.

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  1. Download the Oracle Java SE Development Kit (JDK).
    • Get the latest version of the JDK 1.6, at least version 6u23 or later.
    • If you are running 64-bit Windows, please ensure we recommend that you use 32-bit JDK and not rather than the 'x64' JDK. The 32-bit version will use less memory. You do not need the 64-bit JDK unless you are running a very large server.
  2. Follow the Oracle installation instructions.
  3. Make sure you have a JAVA_HOME environment variable pointing to the root directory of the JDK. Some JDK installers set this automatically.
    • Check by typing one of the following into a command window, depending on your operating system.
      • On Windows: echo %JAVA_HOME%
      • On Linux or UNIX: echo $JAVA_HOME
    • If the above command does not show you the path to your JDK, please refer to the Crowd instructions on setting JAVA_HOME.