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Gadgets that display information from Atlassian applications, such as JIRA, should be able to run on iGoogle, Gmail and other web sites that provide OpenSocialcontainers. Below are specific instructions for iGoogle and Gmail. You can experiment by adding a gadget to other sites, such as a Ning community like The Content Wrangler.


  1. Gadgets used on third-party websites must draw their content from a server that is accessible on the public internet. If you run your Atlassian applications behind a firewall, the third-party website will not be able to access the data and display it in the gadget. For example, if you put a JIRA gadget onto Gmail and your JIRA server is behind a firewall, the Google servers will not be able to retrieve the gadget specification and the JIRA gadget will display an error message on Gmail.
  2. We have had difficulty adding gadgets from servers that use SSL, because Google's servers do not appear to accept our SSL certificate. These problems can be difficult to debug without help from Google.
  3. Individual gadgets may or may not work well in Google's containers.
  4. The production version of iGoogle does not support all of the newer gadget and OpenSocial features. The newest features may require signing up for the iGoogle Developer Sandbox. See Hints for Developing in iGoogle Sandbox.