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_Note about Support
_Note about Support

The Development Hub is for people who want to create plugins, use the remote APIs or find out more about developing for the Atlassian products.

Plugin developers can make use of Application Links (AppLinks) to find out about other instances of Atlassian applications.

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Supported Applications

AppLinks supports the following applications:

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_Enabled Applications
_Enabled Applications

Using the AppLinks API

You can use the AppLinks API to look up associated application instances and keys.




getLinkedApplication(applicationType, instanceName, localKey)

Get the linked application for the given application type, instance, and local key. The applicationType argument must be one of 'JIRA', 'CONFLUENCE', 'FISHEYE', 'CRUCIBLE' or 'SVN'. This method returns a com.atlassian.applinks.api.ApplicationLink object, which contains the remote URL of the application instance and the remote key that matches the supplied local key.

If another plugin wishes to use AppLinks, that plugin may include the AppLinks API classes in its jar, and use its application's specific component manager to find out if the AppLinks plugin is installed.

For example, in JIRA, you may use this code to detect if AppLinks is available:

Code Block
if (ComponentManager.getComponentInstanceOfType(ApplicationLinksClient.class) != null)
    // AppLinks is installed

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