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  1. Add a new application link for the two applications you are linking between, if you haven't already done so.
  2. Configure trusted apps or OAuth for both the incoming and outgoing authentication for your application link.
  3. Add two-way entity links for each of the entities that you want to link between. For example, if you set up an entity link between a JIRA project and a Confluence space, you will be able to use simple textual references to refer to issues in the JIRA project from the Confluence space (e.g. [JRA-1234]). You will also be able to use simple textual references to refer to pages in the Confluence space from the JIRA project, (e.g. [Test Page]).
    1. Currently this function is not available with the bundled versions of JIRA and requires this plugin that is still in Labs: Application Links Link Rendering Plugin