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Please be aware that the content on this page is not actively maintained and Atlassian can not guarantee providing any support for it. This page is provided for your information only and using it is done so at your own risk.


This page contains scripts and hints for testing usage load on your JIRA installation.

When setting up a new JIRA installation, it is useful to understand how it will perform under your anticipated load before users begin accessing it. Scripts that generate 'request' (or usage) load are provided in our public Maven repository (link below). Using these scripts, you can find out where you may need to consider improving your configuration to remove bottlenecks.

While this kind of testing is not an exact science, the tools and processes described here are intended to be straightforward and configurable, and provide you with an extensible way to assess load testing.

The performance tests described on this page utilise JMeter. While it is not necessary to know JMeter, briefly reading through the JMeter documentation is recommended as it may help you resolve any JMeter-specific issues.

It is rarely the case that these scripts will perform representative testing for you 'out of the box'. However, it should be possible to build an appropriate load test by configuring or extending these scripts.

titleLoad testing scripts should not be used on a production JIRA installation!

While we recommend using a copy of your production data for testing usage load, the load testing scripts below will modify data within the targeted JIRA installation! Hence, these scripts should not be used on a production JIRA installation. Instead, use a copy of your production JIRA data on a test JIRA installation.

If you do run these test scripts against your production JIRA installation, you will be responsible for any data loss and backup recovery!

Likewise, when making changes to your JIRA installation to remove performance bottlenecks, it is useful to assess the impact of these changes in a test JIRA installation before implementing them in production.



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