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GreenHopper 6.2 Documentation

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Documentation for GreenHopper 6.2.x. Documentation for earlier versions of GreenHopper is [available too].

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Control Chart
Control Chart

 To view the control chart:

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  2. Click Report, then select Control Chart from the drop-down at left. The control chart for your current sprint will be displayed (see screenshot below).
    • By default the chart will select all column(s) other than the first and last (usually the 'To Do' and 'Done' columns). Since the chart shows the average amount of time each issue spent in each of these columns this means that the default chart shows cycle time. To re-draw the chart to show lead time use Refine (as below) and select all columns other than the last
    • To re-draw the chart excluding a column(s) or swimlane(s), or to apply a quick filter, click Refine (see below).
    • To select a different timeframe (past week/past month/past 3 months/past 6 months/all time/custom), click the date range at the top of the chart.

Note that the control chart is

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-specific, that is, it will only include issues which match your
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's Saved Filter.


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