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Documentation for Confluence 5.7.
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Comment: How to remove the functionality


  • The author of the content receives a notification.
  • People in your network receive a notification. They will receive the notification only if they do not already know about the content. Let's assume Arthur is in your network. Arthur will not  receive a notification if:
    • Someone else in his network has already liked the content.
    • Arthur himself has already liked the content.
    • Arthur has already commented on it.
    • In the case of a threaded comment, Arthur has already replied to the comment.
  • If enough people like the content, it will appear on the 'Popular' tab of the dashboard.
  • Similarly, if the content is popular enough it will appear in the 'Recommended Updates' summary sent out by email.


Disabling the 'like' feature

The functionality is provided by a plugin called the 'Confluence Like Plugin'. To remove the 'like' functionality from your site, you can disable the plugin. See Disabling or Enabling a Plugin.