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Upgrading to Confluence 3.5 . or higher from pre-3.5 failed with the following appears in the atlassian-confluence.log:


  1. Shut down your Confluence server.
  2. Make a backup of your <confluence-home>/index/plugin directory if it exists. This is where the Usage Tracking plugin stores it's index for the usage statistics and it cannot be rebuilt.
  3. Remove the <confluence-home>/index directory.
  4. If in step 2, you have the <confluence-home>/index/plugin directory, create the <confluence-home>/index directory and copy in the backup of <confluence-home>/index/plugin directory made in step 2.
  5. Restart Confluence to re-trigger the upgrade. When you upgrade to Confluence 3.5 or higher, an upgrade task will run automatically to rebuild the index.

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