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The method for discovering your Confluence version depends on the type of Confluence site you are using:

  • A downloadable version ("server") of Confluence, which your system administrator has installed on your own hardware
  • A Confluence OnDemand ("cloud") site, hosted on Atlassian servers

Downloadable versions of Confluence

If your Confluence site is using the standard theme, you will see a line like this at the bottom of the Confluence dashboard, or at the bottom of a screen in view mode:

Powered by Atlassian Confluence 4.2.12, the Enterprise Wiki. Bug/feature request - Atlassian news - Contact administrators

In the above example, it means that you're running Confluence version 4.2.12. (If the version number displayed is just 2 digits, such as '4.2', that is the full version number, and is equivalent to '4.2.0'.)

If you don't see that line, you can visit <Your Confluence Base URL>/admin/systeminfo.action and find out the version from there.

You need administrator permissions to access the system information URL. If you don't have administrator rights, it's not possible to see the version number. Please ask your administrator for that information.


Confluence Cloud

Instructions on how to find the Cloud version is here: Atlassian Cloud Application Versions.

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  1. Anonymous

    The link above is not accessible to non-admin users.

    On my confluence, I did not see the version information on normal Confluence pages. But I did see it on the Dashboard page.

  2. Anonymous


    i cannot see subversion nummers here...Confluence Version4.1 but we are runing 4.1.1 ?? where can i find the SUB version numbers?



  3. At the bottom of a Confluence page you will see a line like this:

    No, I do not.

    If you do not see that line, you can visit

    When I visit that page, Confluence displays the following error message:

    You do not have permission to access /admin/systeminfo.action. To access this page, please log in as a user with sufficient permissions

    So: how do I know what Confluence version I am running?

    Selecting "Browse > What's New" tells me I'm using Confluence 4.2, but could you please update this page to describe where "normal" (non-admin) users can find the complete version number - that is, including the "x" in 4.2.x - if that information is not displayed at the bottom of the page?

  4. I'm with Graham Hannington. Nope and Nope (sad)

    Confluence v4.2 (or it was - can't see the number suddenly) OnDemand. Unlike Graham, I don't see a "Browse > What's New" option.

    1. The version information only appears in the footer if you are running a Confluence instance behind the firewall.

      For OnDemand customers, you can check the current versions on this page: Atlassian OnDemand Application Versions.

      1. The version information only appears in the footer if you are running a Confluence instance behind the firewall.

        If you really mean "the" firewall: which particular firewall are you referring to?

        If you mean "a" firewall: the Confluence instance that I am using is running behind a firewall; a firewall that separates my employer's intranet from the public Intranet.

        If I am not an administrator, how do I know precisely (for example, down to the x in 4.2.x) what Confluence version I am running?

        1. Sorry, I did mean behind a firewall - that is, you are running Confluence yourself, on your own hardware, as opposed to using our hosted offering.

          If that is the case, then by default, the version number should appear in the footer, as described, but your administrator might have configured it not to.

          As you mention in your other comment, you can see the exact version in the page source as the ajs-version-number.

          e.g.   <meta name="ajs-version-number" content="4.2.6">

          If it is listed as "4.2", then that is exactly the version you are on, which would be equivalent to 4.2.0.

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone. I have clarified the info on this page.

    Cheers, Sarah

  6. Can someone provide a check for extracting the version of Confluence or JIRA from the installation directory? Something scriptable?

  7. It looks like the version may be stored in (on linux) /opt/atlassian/confluence/confluence/META-INF/maven/com.atlassian.confluence/confluence-webapp/ (property key of version).

  8. hello,


    is it possible to run a sql query to find the version of the database Confluence installed ?

    Thanks for your help.


  9. The link to check onDemand version is broken

    1. Hi Brandt, thanks for letting us know! I've updated the link.

  10. The easiest way to see the current version is to view source, and scroll to the bottom.