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  • Can I use Clover Code Coverage with Bamboo?
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To use Clover with Bamboo, you will need to:

1. Either call the Clover goal in your plan configuration or add the maven-clover-plugin report to the reports section in your POM.
2. Ensure that there are tests present in your build plan that generate test results in JUnit test report format.
3. Ensure that your build creates a Clover report (that is, a clover.xml file). Bamboo will use this Clover report as its source.
4. Set up Bamboo to read the Clover report (clover.xml file) generated by Clover. To do this:
a. Ensure the 'Clover output will be produced' check-box is ticked in your plan's build configuration page.
b. Instruct Bamboo on the location of your 'Clover XML Directory' — where Bamboo will look for the XML report output file from Clover. Please specify file path relative to your plan's root directory (e.g /home/bamboouser/bamboo-home/xml-data/build-dir/MY_PLAN/), i.e. please do not specify an absolute path.