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There are three ways to find your Support Entitlement Number (SEN).

See Finding Your Support Entitlement Number in the support space for more general information about how Atlassian Support uses this number.

Method 1: Check in the JIRA administration interface

Access the JIRA license page, as described on Updating your JIRA License Details. The JIRA license page will show your Support Entitlement Number (SEN).

Method 2: Check

Your Support Entitlement Number is available from the licenses page after logging in to

Method 3: Check your Atlassian invoice

Your Support Entitlement Number (SEN) also appears on the third page of your Atlassian Invoice.


  1. Anonymous

    Look where in the JIRA admin interface? I can't see any reference to a SEN on either the License Information or System Info screens (of v3.11 JIRA Enterprise: Academic).

  2. Anonymous

    Doesn't help if Jira is not accessible because the license key wont take... 

  3. Administration > System > License

  4. in  Administration > System > License on JIra 3.13 there not look the SEN, where is the SEN on JIRA 3.1.3? only we have the server id code number. but not the SEN code.

  5. A dumb question: does the SEN include the string "SEN" ?

  6. I'm trying to raise a support ticket about a Confluence install that isn't associated with my user account (I'm not the main system administrator) and I'm getting the error "We were unable to find the SEN you have entered. Please enter a valid SEN." Is this because the SEN isn't associated with my account?

  7. To find your SEN ( Support Entitlement Number ) you can run the following command:

    grep -FA 10 "License Details" logs/catalina.out
  8. Mario,

    Gracias por tu respuesta, pero sobre JIRA 3.13 esto no funciona, aun asi gracias.

    and the request  were post  Nov 15, 2013. Today we have JIRA 6.23. thanks a lot.



    1. Esto funciona en JIRA 5.1.6 y tambien en 6.2.7 . No puedo decir de 3.13 .

  9. how can i get SEN programmatically????

  10. Is there a different SEN for the Virtual server vs. the Physical server?

    Using JIRA 6.0.

  11. Couldn't find the SEN for v 3.13. Under License details, I see

    Date Purchased
    License Type
    Server ID
    Maintenance Period