We've added Atlassian content below for use at user group meetings in the hopes of creating a rich repository of fresh Atlassian material to share and recycle. Add slide decks, videos, and presentations here so other groups have access to helpful content. Feel free to use this material at your next user group meeting, and email us at if you want additional slides or videos to share with your group members.  


Featured Presentation

Evolving Your Agile Process with Atlassian Tools
Jordan Dea-Mattson, Numenta - Atlassian Summit 2012

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 Featured Video

How Atlassian Makes Its Wiki Sticky
John Rotenstein, Atlassian - Atlassian Summit 2012





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Featured Webinar

Gareth Wilson of Adaptavist on the Confluence Dashboard Plugin






A massive arsenal of customer interviews and plugins of the month.

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Featured Case Study

Morgan Friberg of Atlassian interviews Whooparoo

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In depth interviews on unique customer usage of Atlassian tools.

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Presentation videos, slides and photos from past Atlassian conferences

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Atlassian Developer Resources for building plugins



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  1. It's great that you have added some new benefits!

  2. We're very excited at our customer organization about the new OKC AUG.  I'm campaigning to bring in a bunch of people, and I'm working on some sponsors.  I'm jazzed to see what the announcement on Oct 25 is going to be!



  3. The link to "More Presentations" seems to be broken