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After recently installing a plugin either by placing the jar file in <CONFLUENCE_INSTALL>/confluence/WEB-INF/lib directory or via the Administration > Plugins page, confluence fails to start up with the following in the atlassian-confluence.log file:



A similar issue was discovered at CONF-14126, however this is not considered a bug as plugins in Confluence should not be installed via the classpath (i.e. put in the <CONFLUENCE_INSTALL>/confluence/WEB-INF/lib directory). They should be only installed via the Administration >> Plugins page within the Confluence Administration.

When confluence starts up it loads the classpath plugin first and then discovers that there is a newer version of the plugin in the database. In order to install the new version it first needs to uninstall the old one, but because it is a 'classpath' plugin it cannot be uninstalled hence the exception.


Remove the plugin from the <CONFLUENCE_INSTALL>/confluence/WEB-INF/lib directory and restart Confluence.

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