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Confluence (and other applications running on the JVM) become unavailable. Files with names like hs_err_pid123456.log may be created in the application server's bin directory (wherever you start it from), containing text like:

This indicates Java has failed to acquire more memory from the operating system.

The hs_err Logs may contain:


  1. Confluence is running on Java Version 6 Update 18 or higher.
  2. The Java process isn't even running on the system, and it's been confirmed it was not manually shut down.
  3. Files named hs_err_pid* exist on the system or there are one or more segmentation fault messages in /var/log/messages.


This is usually caused by a bug in the JVM. From this forum discussion, it appears to be the Hot Spot compiler, which is failing to request more memory.


There are two workaround options:

  1. Downgrade to Java 6 update 17 or lower.
  2. Disable the JVM HotSpot Compilation for the class and method that is causing the crash.

In the above example crash log, the compilation crash was caused by the compile task trying to process the class-method: org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive.Foreach.render

Add the following to the startup system properties.

A restart of Confluence is required to apply the changes.


Upgrade to Java 6 Update 26 or higher.

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  1. This bug is marked as fixed on 6u22 (that's the bug duplicated by this one). Is this article still valid as opposed to, say, upgrade the JVM to 6u22 or later?

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Francois. I've updated the page.