Documentation for Confluence 3.3.
Documentation for [Confluence Cloud] and the latest Confluence Server is available too.

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Code Changes Required

This configuration requires changing the Confluence code in your installation. You will need to reapply these changes whenever you upgrade Confluence. Proceed with caution.

At the moment there is no available option for disabling "Remember My Login on this computer" feature via the Admin console.
However, there is a feature request available.

As a workaround, one can make modification to the velocity file login.vm. This would require a server restart nevertheless.

The steps required are as follow:

  • Stop Confluence
  • Go to your confluence install directory
  • Locate the <CONFLUENCE-INSTALL>/confluence/login.vm file and make a back up copy
  • Open the file. Locate the following code and comment it out.
    <div class="steplabel" style="width: 150px;"><input type="checkbox" name="os_cookie" id="os_cookie_id" value="true" tabindex="3"/></div>
    <label for="os_cookie_id" accesskey="r">$action.getText("remember.accesskey")</label>
  • Save the file and restart Confluence
  • Repeat the steps when you install a new version of Confluence

Note: The code above is already commented out.