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The AUG program is moving to Facebook.

We've packed our bags, forwarded our mail, and have learned to be social. Many of you are using Meetup or GroupSpaces to manage user groups. However, we've seen the future and it's on Facebook. We have uncovered the best reasons to switch AUG planning over to Facebook and in our quest for the perfect collaborative AUG site, we looked for the following requirements:

  • Free to use
  • Visible display of member activity
  • Ability for users to RSVP and comment
  • Email functionality for important announcements and updates
  • Ability to upload pictures and videos

Using a free RSVP will not detract from your reimbursement budget. AUGs are informal get-togethers, so every penny counts. Many sites charge the event host to start and manage groups, force users to create accounts, and have strict requirements for promoting and organizing events. A few unique benefits of Facebook are:

  • Offers a variety of user content creation (status updates, blogs, comments, polls, emails, instant messages)
  • Ability to subscribe to updates via text
  • Syncs with personal calenders (Google or iCal)
  • Publicly accessible - non-Facebook users can access AUG pages if customized this way
  • Easily links the AUG page to Twitter accounts
  • Thousands of plugins for customizing pages

Creating your AUG's Facebook page

  1. Search 'create new page' once logged into facebook.com.
  2. Choose 'cause or community' and type in the name of your AUG in this exact format: "<LOCATION> Atlassian User Group" (keeping the same format ensures page visibility through easier searching).
  3. Click 'get started' and go to your new page which will have basic instructions on how to customize your page.
  4. 'Like' the Atlassian User Group page to link it to your page (facebook.com/atlassianusergroup).
  5. Click 'edit page' to update your groups information and details.
  6. Once in 'edit page' go to 'apps' to add individual events, twitter streams, and many other features available. Check out other AUG pages for inspiration: Nordic AUG, SF Bay Area AUG.
  7. If you need help sprucing up your page, go to 'manage admins' once in 'edit page' and add Brittany Walker as an admin.
  8. You need 25 people to 'like' your page in order to get a custom url (ex. facebook.com/atlassianusergroup) - start spreading the word! Atlassian will like your page, which will feature you here and link our pages.
  9. Make sure you have your contact information, upcoming event information, and remain active on the 'wall' to keep the conversation running with your attendees.
  10. To add or activate applications which will appear on the left hand side navigation bar, click on 'edit page > apps' and customize the settings. For example, you will want to use the 'events' app to post your AUG meetup dates.

Here are screen shots to guide you, and a helpful article: 25 Tips for Killer Facebook Marketing.


Now that we require a Facebook page for each AUG, we're more than happy to help get you started. Email events@atlassian.com if you want us to create the page for you with the basics. Feel free to email us with any feedback as well.

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  1. What's wrong with Meetup.com ?  Facebook might have more bells and whistles, but do we really need them ?

    1. Unfortunately there is plenty wrong with Meetup, but the main reasons we decided to switch are that meetup.com costs money and a lot of AUG leaders are spending most of the little budget they have on Meetup costs. In my eyes, if there are free and better alternatives out there, it just doesn't make sense.

      The other main reason for switching is to get everyone in the same place. With Facebook pages, all AUG groups will have the same format: "<Location> Atlassian User Group" which means easier searching and page visibility for users. We need all AUG info in one place in order for Atlassians to be able to access it and have the ability to participate in individual group conversations. I also really like the fact that users do not need a Facebook account to RSVP, whereas with Meetup you need an account, run the risk of them deleting your information, and get email notifications from the company.

      I promise you, I did extensive research on all meetup sites and chose the one that best suits the AUG program. Ultimately, we all have to be on one site though.

      Thanks for your feedback. Keep it coming!

      1. Oh, since Meetup is free for me as an attendee I assumed it was free for everyone - that's definitely a good reason to switch !