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Lightning Talk Signup Page

Unknown macro: {vote} How to write an O'Reilly book
JIRA Admin Scaling
Prashant Deva - Chronon 'DVR for Java'
SoLoMo is Shaking Up the Testing Landscape. Are you Ready?
Upgrading our Plugins for Confluence 4.0
Issue Hierarchy in Your JIRA Plugin
How to use external database with Atlassian PDK
The 5 Things you Need to Know to Write a Commercial Plugin
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  1. I just added to the Lighting Talks. How do I make it show up in the list above?



    1. It's showing up now. Thanks for submitting!


  2. Jessie,

    Yesterday, I've added to the lighting talks. It's not yet showing up in the list above.


    What do I've to do to make it happen?

  3. Found the problem.

    Right now when we create a new talk page, its created with no parent. Correct parent should be this wiki page so that all talk ideas will appear automatically.