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For detailed instructions on how to add Google Apps to an Atlassian OnDemand instance please visit Setting up Google Apps for your OnDemand instance

This page contains up to date information on how to add Google Apps to your Atlassian OnDemand site.

On this page:


Does Google Apps integration cost extra?

No, it's available at no additional cost to Atlassian OnDemand customers, including evaluators.

Which versions of Google Apps support OnDemand?

Atlassian OnDemand works with all versions of Google Apps.

Can I create user accounts in OnDemand for users who are not members of my Google Apps domain?

Yes. You can provide access to OnDemand for clients, contacts, or remote workers who do not have access to your Google Apps domain, or who do not have a Google Apps account. See Managing users and groups with Google Apps.

How do I get Google Apps pre-packaged?

New OnDemand customers can have Google Apps integration set up right from provisioning. Simply add OnDemand via the Google Apps Marketplace and enjoy Google Apps integration as soon as your OnDemand site is live.

How do you evaluate OnDemand with Google Apps integration?

This can be done via the OnDemand listing on Google Apps Marketplace.

Can existing OnDemand evaluators enable Google Apps integration?

Yes. See Managing users and groups with Google Apps for more information.

Is the number of users based on the number of Google Apps domain accounts, or can we enable OnDemand just for some of them? (to limit cost of licenses)

Users will not count towards your license until they are granted access to a particular application. For Google Apps users, they will be automatically assigned access to the applications at their initial login according to your setting for default application access. For details, see Managing application access.

Can non-Google Apps users authenticate to Atlassian OnDemand after I've migrated?

Yes. You can provide external users — remote workers, clients, contractors — with logins to your OnDemand instance.

Can I remove Google Apps integration from my OnDemand instance?

Yes - Just follow these steps:
  1. Go to your Google Apps admin panel and remove the integration.
  2. File a support ticket to request this change. 
  3. Once the support ticket has been resolved, your users will become ordinary local users (no system restart required).