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The Bamboo Clover plugin is bundled with Bamboo OnDemand and the use of Clover OnDemand is supported.


Please note that use of Clover with OnDemand requires a Clover license under maintenance; old or maintenance-expired licenses are not supported, therefore you have to ensure that you keep your Clover license up to date and renew the license every year (there is no OnDemand-specific Clover license so it must be managed independently). Your Clover license should be purchased for the number of machines you have in Bamboo that will run Clover builds. Usually this number is equal to the number of remote agents.


(lightbulb) TIP: In order to paste a Clover license key go to Administration > Plugins > Clover plugin.

(lightbulb) TIP: In case when you have more remote agents than the number of machines for which Clover is licensed, you can restrict machines on which Clover runs by using capabilities:
  • select EC2 images on which you would like to run builds with Clover, open image configuration and add a capability like "clover=true"
    (Administration > Elastic Bamboo > Configuration > select elastic image > Add Capability)

  • open job configuration and add requirement like "clover=true"
    (Actions > Configure Plan > Jobs > select job where Clover runs > Requirements tab > Add Extra Requirement)