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Your site is assigned a domain name of https://<domain_name>, where account_name is the account name you provided at sign-up.

After you sign up, the installation takes about 15 minutes to finish and your URL should be available after that amount of time.

(info) Use of custom domain names is not currently supported. And the URL cannot be changed afterwards.

(info) The URL must be at least six characters long and only Letters, Numbers and Hyphen (-) are allowed.

Why is my site on the

There has been a domain name change on November 7, 2011. Before this date, the signups were assigned the domain name of https://<account_name>


  1. Anonymous

    Is this something that is going to be supported going forward, would really be a great feature.

    1. Hi there,

      Here's the issue that tracks the custom domain item: Feel free to vote for it.



  2. Anonymous

    I've tried even using a CNAME and this still doesn't work (sad)

  3. Anonymous


    when will it be possible to use a CNAME - it is a very important feature

  4. is very hard to remember and spell.

  5. We've set up an http forwarder/redirect at our DNS host ( ... so that the following happens  ->

    It's not nearly as good as a CNAME, but it helps our internal users get to the site when they don't have a link (which is the important part for us)