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You can customise the time and date formats used throughout JIRA on the 'Look and Feel' page.

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To change your date and time formats for 'Issues' (JIRA):

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  2. Click the Look and Feel option in the left-hand menu. The look and feel configuration page will display.
  3. Click the Edit Configuration link at the bottom of the page. The page will display in editable mode.
  4. In the Date/Time Formats section, update the values for each of the fields you wish to change.
  5. Click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. For details and examples of date and time configuration, refer to the Date/Time Formats page (JIRA documentation).

 (warning) Please note, the date and time formats will apply to pages within 'Issues' (JIRA) only. They do not apply to the other applications, e.g. 'Wiki'.

Screenshot: Changing Date and Time Formats


  1. Anonymous

    Is it possible to set the and in JIRA OnDemand?

    1. Hi there,

      These settings are not available in JIRA OnDemand.



      1. Is this still the case? The date picker uses day/month/year which is not the standard in the US, and we'd like to change it.

      2. Okay, this is going on year three now and I still can't change the date format in the calendar drop-downs to anything else than 'dd/mm/yy' and (most annoyingly) AM/PM time format... (In the Log Work dialog - Date Started field.)

  2. I'm not sure these settings are still the same, but my issue is slightly different. How do I configure so that within the issue it will display both the date and time? Currently I only see the date despite having date and time configured in the 'Look and Feel'?

  3. These instructions do not seem to alter the date format displayed by the sprint range on the Plan page of the project. Is there some way to change the date format for the sprints?