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  • The browser in use is IE9
  • When you drag and drop an attachment into Confluence, nothing happens.

This article was written and tested in Confluence 4.0.x, and may not be relevant for future versions of Confluence.



For dragging files from your computer or file system onto your browser, your browser must support the drag-and-drop functionality of HTML5. Browsers such as Firefox 3.5, Safari 4 and Internet Explorer 9 offer limited HTML5 functionality and don't support drag-and-drop.


Similar operation can be achieved by Browsing to, and uploading files from, your computer or network.

Internet Explorer 9 issues with the editor can be found here

Drag and drop is supported in Internet Explorer 10 (desktop mode).


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  1. Link to IE9 editor issues in JIRA needs to be updated. Points to "Confluence Development" which does not exist in JIRA. Should be "Confluence".