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During the removal of a certain group(s) in JIRA user(s), JIRA would not process the command and act like there are no process done as the group membership is not removed. There are no stack traces thrown by JIRA during the whole process.

Here is a video explaining the issue in question:

Download Video

  • In order to confirm that this is the issue, please try to remove another groups on that particular user and see if it is successful.
  • This issue usually appear on a deleted user_name(s) that re-added into JIRA.



JIRA did not completely deleted all of the necessary user rows on cwd_membership, here is the relevant bug report in regards to this issue:  JRA-25235 - deleteUser leaves stray cwd_membership records Resolved

Diagnosis and Resolution

Please Note!


Make sure that you shut down JIRA before proceeding.


Always back up your data before performing any modification to the database. If possible, try your modifications on a test server.

  1. Identify the problematic user_name
  2. Run the following SQL query against JIRA database

    The query will list down all of the membership under the problematic user_name

  3. From the result of the above steps, ensure there is a different child_id with the same directory_id before proceed to the next steps. If there are no multiple child_id, this is not the issue
  4. Remove the problematic row(s) by executing this SQL query against JIRA database

    The above command would delete all rows relevant to the offending child_id value which comes from the undeleted rows

  5. Restart JIRA



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