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FishEye enterprise license users have access to the HTML/JSP source of FishEye and can customise FishEye's look and feel.

FishEye Source Edition

To use custom HTML/JSP content, you must be using a build of FishEye that contains the JSP source. These builds are named instead of the normal bundle.

If you have a commercial license assigned to your account, you will see a 'source download' option on your download page.

You must install a JSP source build – you cannot copy JSP files from a source build into an existing ordinary installation.

Customising Content

You can modify any of the files in FISHEYE_HOME/content/. However we strongly recommend that you use separate FISHEYE_HOME and FISHEYE_INST directories (as described in the Installation Guide), and that you store your modified files in FISHEYE_INST/content (If you use FISHEYE_INST/content, you only need to keep your modified JSP/HTML files in that directory. This simplifies your upgrade process).

When you make changes to content, your changes should appear when you next refresh the page in your browser. If they do not, then log into the FishEye Administration screens, click 'Content' on the 'Admin Menu' and follow the instructions on the 'Content' page.

Screenshot: Content Page


  1. Could you possibly provide a simple guide for how to do simple style changes in line with what is supported in jira admin UI (for us .NET developers not comfy with fiddeling around with the jsps(smile))

    It would suffice to get some instruction on:

    Use a custom logo with FishEye

    1. Copy your custom logo file to the directory (question)
    2. Edit the global CSS file (question) and modify the style (question) to reflect the new logo

    Setting FishEye primary color scheme

    Edit the following styles in the CSS file (question)


    Style name

    Main text in top navbar


    Color for top navbar


    Global font


    Should probably reflect the same styles available in JIRA

    1. Hi there Mads,

      Unfortunately, customising FishEye in this way is currently not supported.

      Future revisions to the product may enable this kind of customisation — watch this page for updates.

      Best Regards,

      Edwin Dawson
      Technical Writer

      1. Hey Edwin - Any update on this?  Its been over a year and I havent seen much.  We are just looking for exactly what Mads said, what are the things we can change for the common things.  Don't need a fancy interface, just point us at the files and CSS classes/styles that we can change to update common things like the header colors, tab colors, link colors, etc.

        I've created an issue for this, please vote it up!

        1. Hi David,

          Apparently it would still require (a small amount of) new engineering to allow this. The team are currently reconsidering this feature, and we'll let you know the outcome.

      2. Furthermore, found a css file /FISHEYE_HOME/content/static/kxylw9/custom.css that has comments stating

        1. customizing the look and feel of FishEye was a nightmare (which I found amusing) and
        2. stated it was the file that should be customized.

        I added some things to it, and it doesn't appear to take affect. I also viewed the source of outputted FishEye pages, and nowhere do I see a custom.css referenced, so I don't believe this file is used anymore.

        I updated the JIRA issue above suggesting this file be removed/updated to more accurately describe what in fact it does (or doesn't) do.

        And one other question ... I tried copying one of the CSS files from the FISHEYE_HOME to my FISHEYE_INST (specifically one in /content/static/kxylw9/2static/style, duplicating the path) and it doesn't appear those get sourced. It appears only JSPs are sourced first from the FISHEYE_INST, and then FISHEYE_HOME, and not the case for static content. Is this true, can you confirm?

  2. Hi Edwin,

    one year later: are there any updates?

    Kind regards


  3. Anonymous

    Fisheye seems to be using Helvetica as the default font which look shocking in most browsers compared to Arial, Verdana

  4. Anonymous

    Is there any update on this? All i'd want to do it change the font to verdana and change the font size to 11px. 



  5. Here's a link about how to change FishEye's logo: Customizing FishEye/Crucible logo for version 2.7 and up

    Leonardo Macedo
    Dev Tools Support Engineer