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  • Unable to manage sprint due to the error 'Project Administrator permissions are required'
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The user is unable to add new sprint to the Rapid Board after a current sprint has already started. The new GreenHopper should cater for the users to plan several sprints ahead.


The Start Sprint button is disabled and the following error appears on the Rapid Board when hovering on the Start Sprint link.

Project Administrator permissions are required to manage this sprint


The main reason is due to having cross-project in the Rapid Board the user might not be aware of the following reasons. As mentioned in the Starting a Sprint documentation:

  1. Only one sprint can be active at a time. While a sprint is active in Work mode, the user can still plan subsequent sprints in Plan mode, but he/she won't be able to start one until the active sprint is completed. (You can, however, drag and drop an issue in Plan mode onto the active sprint.)
  2. The user need to have the JIRA 'Administer Projects' permission in the project(s) whose issues are to be included in the new sprint.
  3. Board Filter Query contain 'OR' condition that will select all projects (if the user do not have all JIRA 'Administer Projects' permission)


There are two possible ways to handle this:

  1. Ensure that the JIRA 'Administer Projects' permission is applied all the projects in the new sprint.
    1. Check again if the problem continues to persist. The user should be able to add new sprints to the Rapid Board.
  2. Remove all projects from the Board where the user would not have the JIRA 'Administer Projects' permission.
    1. Gearbox > Configure > Filter > Edit Filter
  3. Ensure there is no 'OR' that will query out all projects issues showing in Board Filter Query.
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  1. I had no problems creating the Sprint.

    I could not Complete it because of a project hat is not really related.  Why this would be a problem at the end of an iteration, I have no idea.

  2. I had an issue starting a sprint because there was a project in the board filter where the user did not have 'Project Administrator' permission. 
    I propose rewriting Resolution 1:

    "Ensure that the JIRA 'Administer Projects' permission is applied all the projects in the new sprint."  --> Ensure that the JIRA 'Administer Projects' permission is applied in all the projects in the Board filter.



  3. This is really stupid implementation....

    Why do we need to open up full Project Permissions to users who need to start sprints? Anybody in the team should be able to start a sprint, but we definately don't want to give everybody admin permissions. This is unreasonable.

    Why don't you use the Administrator permissions on the Agile board, this makes so much more sense, we can easily add team members to manage their own board this way.

    This is a bug and needs to be fixed....

  4. We have a user that is an Admin role for the two projects in the Sprint, but was unable to  close due to the error "Project Administrator permissions are required to manage this sprint". Googling found a bug from 6.0.5 I believe regarding the failure to allow the option to close because part of the query indicated Sprint != . He did not have that in his query, but did have "Project != ". Removing that allowed him to update the sprint. Could you please document this, and perhaps allow the error to be more descriptive?