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When attempting to push or perform certain other write tasks on a Git repository over https, you may see the error:


The owner of the repository is over their plan limit and should upgrade

In the past, Bitbucket would send a helpful message back to the client in the form of a 402 (payment required) along with a message explaining that you were over your plan limit. Unfortunately, recent changes in the Git client prevent this message from ever making it back to the end user. 


To check this, speak to the repository administrator and ask them to upgrade their plan from the Plans and billing page by choosing the Change plan option. You can also remove users. We have documented this bug at https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issue/4020/http-error-403-on-command-line-when-over.

If you find this is not the issue, please report the issue to support via https://support.atlassian.com. Creating an account on support is free and a member of the Bitbucket support team will assist you shortly.

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  1. Anonymous

    The same error may be related to the git version. Just linking the issue here as it took me a while to find a solution but this page came up right away while googling the error message.