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  • How can FishEye help with merging of branches in Subversion?

Documentation for FishEye 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

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FishEye gives you a logical view of your branched files so you can see activity on a single file across multiple branches/trunk.

In merge management, the main advantages of FishEye come from its search functionality. If you record the revisions merged when you check in a merge result, you can find this information in FishEye easily for the next merge operation.

As an example, let's say you have a branch dev created at revision 1300 from trunk. Development has proceeded on both trunk and dev. At some point you wish to add the latest trunk changes into the dev branch. Let's say that is at revision 1400. When you check in the results of this merge, you would use some standard format checkin comment such as:

merge from trunk to dev 1300:1400

When you come to do the next merge, say at revision 1500, you can use FishEye search to find this checkin comment and know what the starting point for the merge should be. You can then check this in as:

merge from trunk to dev 1400:1500

Merges back to trunk from the dev branch are managed in the same way.

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