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  • "Epic with name 'xxxx' is not unique" error when trying to add an issue to an epic
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When a user tries to add an issue to an epic using the new Epic Link field, the following error message appears in the issue screen:

Epic with name 'epic-name-here' is not unique.

Screenshot of the problem at hand:


So far, this problem has only been detected to occur in JIRA Agile 6.2.2 or in later versions when using the SOAP UpdateIssue method. This is essentially caused by the issue key being a substring of another issue. For example ABC-12 is a substring of ABC-123.

As we can see from the Screenshot above, JIRA Agile seems to have truncated the Epic Name, and only used the prefix of the epic name for validation when searching for the epic. For example, lets say we have two epics with name "ABC-123 Testing Epic" and "ABC-12 Another Test". When we try to add an issue to the epic "ABC-123 Testing Epic", JIRA would only take the prefix of the epic name, in this case "ABC-123", and show the error "Epic with name 'ABC-123' is not unique."


This is a known bug in JIRA Agile as tracked under  GHS-10140 - Getting issue details... STATUS .


If you encounter this error, you may be able to run the following SQL Query and check for duplicate IDs or pkey values on each of the Epic issues returned in this query.

SELECT * FROM jiraissue WHERE issuetype = (SELECT ID FROM issuetype WHERE pname = 'Epic');



Upgrading past JIRA Agile 6.2.2 may fix the error in the browser. When GHS-10140 - Getting issue details... STATUS is resolved the problem will be fixed.

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  1. The problem has nothing to do with the epic name as implied in the diagnosis section. The problem is with the epic issue key. For example, if I have epics with issue keys of ABC-10 and ABC-101, and on a different issue ABC-70, I link it to epic ABC-10. Now when trying to update issue ABC-70 thru the REST api, an error will occur that "Epic with name 'ABC-10' is not unique".


    By the way, this is occurring in JIRA Agile 6.3.5 for us. And it occurs using the REST api, which is not mentioned above.

  2. Hi Daniel, Hello Atlassian,

    I am also getting the same issue using REST API, This is appearing even if I update anything in the issue which are assigned to some Epic.

    There are no duplicate names for the Epic, but still I am getting this error.

    Can you please guide me how to get rid of this issue.



    Anmol Bhat