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Changes in 3.1.8 for IDEA

13 November, 2012

This is a bug fix release and addresses issues found in 3.1.7 and earlier versions.


IDEA 12 compatibility

A Clover-for-IDEA plug-in works correctly with IDEA 12 official release. However, you have ensure that the new "external build" feature is not enabled. Open File > Settings > Project Settings > Compiler and un-check the "Use external build" toggle.

Support for external build feature in will be available in one of future Clover releases as soon as CLOV-1186 / IDEA-94612 blocker is solved.


New icons

The "Cloverage" and the "Test Runs" views display correct icons for interfaces, enums and annotations:

We have added also icons to the test scope drop-down:

Known bugs

CLOV-1186 - Getting issue details... STATUS

JIRA issue list

type key summary priority

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Please see also the Clover-for-Ant Changelog for all changes in the Clover product.

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