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Team training via in-person instructor-led classes at YOUR location




Onsite company training sessions are ideal to get an entire team ramped up together!

  • Each training class can host up to 12 lab environments per session. 
  • YOU choose the best date & time(s) for your team and we'll work our best to accommodate your team.  
  • Fill each of your 9 hour training days with either two half-day classes or a single full day class each day.
  • The $7,500 per day price is *all inclusive (+plus tax), so you don't have to worry about the instructor, their fee, any associated travel expenses, etc
    • *in some (remote/hard to get to) regions extra fees may apply
    • +if applicable

If you would like to schedule  virtual online training, click here for more information.

Important: Before you schedule...

Course selections can be made from Atlassian University's full list of official curriculum. While we do not deliver custom or tailored content, we're happy to adjust the focus of our standard classes if requested. However, we do not create new or customer-specific content.

Private onsite training is primarily available in North America as well as several countries worldwide. To see if we support your region, email

Why Onsite Company Training?


Starts at $7,500 per day when you purchase an onsite company class.  This price includes the instructor's fee, related travel expenses* and courseware for up to two classes in one day.  


  • We'll send an instructor to your site!
  • You're not restricted to our public schedule but we do need to agree that we have availability in your region.
  • You get to select the date and time that's convenient for your group (subject to instructor availability).  
  • We require at least 2 weeks notice.


  • With only people from your company in the class, the issues and question that come up are more relevant to your situation. 
  • In addition, while we do not offer customized content, we have the instructor speak with you prior to class to get a better understanding of what type of users are in the class and which areas to emphasize and de-emphasize.


* Note: in some regions, additional travel/expense fees may apply but we will discuss this up front.

How to Schedule Company Training

  1. Determine which classes you'd like for your team by reviewing course descriptions.
  2. Send us an email to determine if we can staff the onsite engagement. We will also send you a detailed list of site requirements in order to hold training at your company. See below for a sample.
  3. Purchase your classes here.
  4. Respond to our auto generated Questionnaire with answers regarding: 
    1. Your preferred date(s)/time(s)
    2. Course Selection(s)
    3. Attendee Information, etc
  • We require at least 10-15 days notice prior to your first preferred date as ample time is needed to ensure class readiness

Network and Browser Requirements

Each student uses an individual virtual lab machine for hands on practice and must be prepared and able to access a fast broadband internet connection with a capable computer.


  • Unrestricted internet access is required: Banks, Government, Financial networks are typically restricted and require intervention from IT to work
  • See section below to see if your network passes the mustard!
  • Network Bandwidth for Classroom: >150Kb/sec per user (e.g., > 1.5Mb/sec for 10 users)
  • Network Response Time to CloudShare (see below): <150ms (>200ms will show lagtime)
  • Browser: FireFox or Chrome (HTML5 capable browser) - recent versions only!


BASIC TEST: Make sure each student's PC is configured to access the CloudShare lab environment by having each click this test page: Students should also run the performance "Speed Test" (interpret results below)*.  If students see the All tests passed! and the Speed Test produces good results, they're are all set. If they change computer or location, they should re-test access. 

*Speed Test Results: Bandwidth: Each student needs at least 100-150kbps, with 200-300kbps being good. Latency (as always, the lower the better, but): 50-75ms is very good, 76-99 good, but anything over 100ms will start to show minor lags. Packet loss: should always be 0%.

Trouble? Contact CloudShare support by email: or visit or call +1.888.609.4440 Ext. 2 (US) or +1.650.331.3428 (International)

IMPORTANT: To get fastest help, please call support and mention "Atlassian" to the support engineer. This will raise the priority of your issue. Thanks!

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