Mentions (often known as @mentions) are a seamless way of drawing someone's attention to a page or comment, or assigning a task to them. When you mention a user, they'll receive a notification by email and in their workbox; if you mention them in a task, the task is assigned to them and appears in their tasks list.

There are two ways to mention someone: using autocomplete, or via the Insert menu in the editor toolbar.

Use autocomplete

To mention someone using autocomplete, type '@' in the editor then start typing their name. Choose the person you want to mention from the list of suggestions. 

Screenshot: Autocomplete for mentions

Use the Insert menu

If you'd rather use the Insert menu, choose Insert > User Mention then search for and select the user you want to mention.


  • Disable the user mention feature – The functionality is provided by a plugin called the 'Confluence Mentions Plugin'. If you need to remove the user mention functionality from your site, you can disable the plugin. See Disabling or Enabling a Plugin.

  • Mentioning groups – You can only mention individual users. There's a feature request to allow mentions for groups: CONF-23015 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • You can Mention people in status updates. See User Status Updates.
  • Link to a user profile – You can use a square bracket '[' and a person's name to trigger Confluence autocomplete and link to a person's user profile or personal space. Confluence will send the person a notification just as if you had used @mention (unless the administrator has disabled the user mention feature).
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