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When renaming a user in an external user management system being used by Fisheye/Crucible (JIRA, Crowd or LDAP) the user must also be renamed in FishEye/Crucible.
The procedure to follow is:

  1. Click Authentication (under 'Security Settings') in the Admin area.
  2. If necessary, click Edit (under 'JIRA/Crowd Authentication') to turn off periodic synchronisation. Synchronise Period should show 'Manual re-sync only'.
  3. Rename the users in FishEye/Crucible. The newly renamed users will not be able to log in until they have been renamed in the external user management system.
  4. Rename the users in the external user management system.

You can reverse the order of renaming (that is, rename first in the external user management system, then in FishEye/Crucible), but then do not try to authenticate these users in FishEye/Crucible until they have been renamed, because new users will be created if Auto-add users into FishEye is set to 'true'.


If you are updating details for multiple users in FishEye/Crucible at once, you may want to consider doing this automatically using the FishEye/Crucible REST resources. Here is an example:

PUT [fecru]/rest-service-fecru/admin/users/[user name]
    "name": "[new user name]"

See the FishEye/Crucible REST API for details.

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