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The Crucible 'Reviews' tab is populated differently depending on the version of the FishEye JIRA plugin you are using:

  • Prior to Version 2.3 of the plugin, a review is displayed on the Crucible tab panel if (and only if) it contains a revision that is displayed on the FishEye tab panel. Having the issue key in the description will not automatically link it to the issue.
  • In Version 2.3+, you can configure the Crucible tab panel to use the method described above and/or search for issue keys in the title/description of reviews.

If you associate reviews with JIRA issues from the Crucible user interface, they will not necessarily show up in the issue tab panel. We are working on this issue (see FISH-316), but in the meantime, a workaround is to include the related issue key in the title of the review.

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