Atlassian Answers is now runnning version 1.1.6 of the Confluence Questions add-on.  This version contains a number of fixes which were implemented specifically for Answers.  Most importantly, instabanning spam users is now working (yay!) and email notifications from Atlassian Answers should now support being grouped together in GMail's threaded view mode.

Summary of Changes

Key Summary Status

What's next?

We're continuing to focus on small improvements we can make to make the experience on Atlassian Answers feel like less of a step backwards compared to the old platform.  Additionally, we are analyzing the activity on Answers since the migration to assess how healthy the community is and whether or not questions are still getting high-quality answers at the same rate.

Please watch this space to be notified of future updates!


In August 2014, Atlassian Answers, our user Q&A Community, will be moved to a new system powered by Confluence Questions.

Since launching three years ago, Answers has helped over 25,000 users get answers to over 60,000 questions. We've also shipped over 200 free "Karma King/Queen" T-Shirts to our top contributors.

Perhaps Answers' biggest success, however, is serving as the inspiration for Confluence Questions to become a new product that enables our customers to have the "Answers Experience" within their own organization. There is some poetic symmetry in seeing Answers come full circle to be powered by the product that it inspired.

Answers is one of the key online destinations for the Atlassian community and we want the migration to Confluence Questions to be as smooth as possible. We also know that many of our top contributors have devoted plenty of time in answering questions and building their reputation, so keeping that reputation in intact is super important!

We have collated a number of frequently asked questions about the move in this space. If you have other questions that don't have an answer, please ask them using the answers-migration tag or comment on the FAQ page.