Just a quick reminder that we are planning a 40-minute Confluence Partner webinar on tomorrow morning at 9:00am PST. The discussion will be geared towards describing the value of Confluence to potential customers and other topics driven by your input. We'll be joined by David Soul, one of our outstanding Sydney mates and a Confluence support guru.

A sample list of Discussion topics includes:

  • Popular functionality
  • Overview of latest/newest features
  • Familiarizing new users with Confluence quickly
  • Most common setup problems
  • Technical support overview and plans

To RSVP for the webinar and to request a discussion topic, kindly visit our Confluence Partner Chat page. Looking forward to seeing you then!

From our News blog...

For the second year in a row, Atlassian has been selected for the BRW Fast 100. The BRW Fast 100 is a list of Australia's fastest-growing small and medium-sized businesses, ranking companies with up to 200 staff according to their average annual turnover growth over three years. Atlassian achieved 197% growth in the last year, making it the fastest overall software company in Australia and in 10th place overall among the Fast 100.

You can read the entire article here:

Atlassian Wins BRW Fast 100

If you are an official Atlassian Partner, you probably noticed that the Partner Tools section is no longer listed in the menu on the left. We moved it to its own space, which you can find here. Please note, you need to be an official Partner to gain access.

Do let us know if you have any questions!

I am heading down to the KMWorld show in San Jose, CA tomorrow (Tuesday). From the KMWorldconference page:

The KMWorld & Intranets Conference and Exhibition offers a wide-ranging program especially focused to meet the needs of executives and strategic business and technology decision makers. This is a must-attend for those concerned with improving their organization's bottom line, business processes and productivity, as well as streamlining operations and accelerating development and innovation in their evolving enterprises.

I'm meeting a few folks at the conference, but would enjoy meeting you if you are planning to attend.

An encouraging article about wikis popularity in the enterprise. In fact, a quote from a Gartner analyst stated:

Gartner analyst Kathy Harris predicted that by 2009, 50 percent of U.S. companies will be using wikis.

While Confluence wasn't directly highlighted, many of the companies listed in the article are already Atlassian customers.

You can read the entire article here.

John Chambers, the CEO of Cisco Systems, made that comment during his speech at the Oracle OpenWorld happening here in San Francisco. The article the quote was taken from was in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Another interesting quote (or set of quotes) was from Mark Hurd, the CEO of Hewlett-Packard:

"You've got this explosion of data," he said. "The job isn't going to get 
easier. It's actually going to get tougher.  You have an aging infrastructure. 
It is aging at a rapid rate. Less and less money is being spent on those 
applications and infrastructures."

The article then goes on to discuss the partnership between Intel, Oracle and HP to better utilise mainframes over server-based networks.

Mainframes? Should be interesting to see how this coincides with the move to a "Web 2.0" infrastructure.

You can read the full article here:
     SFGATE - More alliances for tech companies

We first talked about the Universal Wiki Converter (UWC) in a July blog post:

The Universal Wiki Converter (UWC) is both a GUI tool to assist customers with converting their wikis and a well documented,
extensible framework for creating new wiki-to-Confluence converters. We typically receives at least one inquiry a week about
converting another wiki to Confluence. Looking at the common activities associated with these conversions we've created a process
and framework to support those activities.

We've updated the UWC to include a fourth, very popular conversion tool: MediaWiki. Jonathan talks more about the updated UWC on the Developer's Blog.

Go check it out.

JavaPolis 2006

We're less than two full months from JavaPolis 2006, a conference in Antwerp, Belgium addressing topics such as AJAX, SOA, and of course Java. Our very own Mike Cannon-Brookes will be speaking at the event, and we'll have a few other folks from Atlassian there as well.

I'll continue posting information about our role at and around the event. If there's anything you'd like to bring up, please let us know.

A quick blurb from the JavaPolis wiki:

JavaPolis 2006 takes place between December 11th and 15th in Antwerp (Belgium) at the venue MetroPolis. During the first 2 days you can attend in-depth University sessions and follow technical hands-on labs . Followed by the JavaPolis Conference (3 days) with 60 minute technical talks covering topics on Web, standard and enterprise Java, Security, SOA, Methodology, case-studies, mobile and hot beans!

Next to the conference we'll have 15 minute Quickies, informal BOFs and a new concept named Whiteboards. Whiteboards are one hour sessions where people can reserve a whiteboard and present, brainstorm, model with other interested developers.

New News Feed

I added Stephen Danelutt's blog to our Partner wiki home page this morning. I've been following it regularly and find it timely and informative from a social networking/application perspective- I thought you'd enjoy following it as well.

Stephen's firm, netoCiety, is an Atlassian Partner, is based in the United Kingdom and is doing some really great work with Confluence. You can find Stephen's blog below in our link roll.

Stepstone Technologies, one of our strong Partners in the Northwest, has released a new version of their website - and it's
built on Confluence! The new site is simplified, making it easy for users to quickly find what they are looking for and
the site includes a number of clients/projects that they are working with.

Stepstone has done some really slick Confluence work for their clients. One example is the web site they built for According to the web site, is:

the free toxicology encyclopedia and resource center that anyone can edit and a quality control system to ensure accuracy
of the information.

A great fit for a wiki!

Stepstone has also done custom plugin work for their clients and has assisted other Partners in creating/designing projects.
I'd highly encourage you to visit their new website and with talk Darryl and Kathy about any questions you might have
regarding your customised Confluence needs. Not only does Stepstone do great work, but they are also fantastic people.

Great job team!

Concinnity Solutions, one of our newest Partners, will be attending the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors symposium in San Francisco during
the week of October 1. The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors is...

...a nonprofit professional society of crime laboratory directors and forensic science managers dedicated to providing
excellence in forensic science through leadership and innovation. The purpose of the organization is to foster professional
interests, assist the development of laboratory management principles and techniques; acquire, preserve and disseminate
forensic based information; maintain and improve communications among crime laboratory directors; and to promote,
encourage and maintain the highest standards of practice in the field.

I will be attending the event to help support Concinnity's efforts in using Confluence as a collaboration tool focused on the Forensic Science Community.
I have personal experience within the law enforcement community and Concinnity has a rich and deep history in forensic sciences so I'm really excited
about attending this symposium. If you are in the SF area next week and have some interest in forensic science, I'd encourage you to attend. We'd
enjoy meeting you inside or outside of the event.

The symposium will be held at the Marriott San Francisco - to find out more information, you can visit the ASCLD web site.

CustomWare, one of our outstanding Partners, introduced a new release of their web site over the past week. If you haven't
had a chance to take a look at their new site, which is run on Confluence, you should do so. It's a great way to see how
you can re-skin Confluence to match your corporate marketing and branding and how to take advantage of the many
Confluence features.

Rob and his team have always done superb, timely work for Atlassian, our customers, and has supported fellow Partners.
You can contact Rob and the CustomWare team for additional support or just to comment on their new site.

CustomWare also recently expanded their footprint by opening up an office in Malaysia. The opening was covered by the
Star Online and there is a YouTube video covering the opening as well. Check for the Atlassian Partner logo about 1:24
into the video. (smile)

Outstanding work Rob! Congratulations to you and your team for an exciting achievement!

I mentioned this in the September Partner Newsletter and I wanted to highlight it here: I'm hosting a Partner
Chat tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:30am pst. If you have a question about the Partner program, or maybe you'd like
to hear some news on our product and company roadmap, or perhaps you'd like more information on our first
Atlassian User Group. If so, tune in tomorrow.

The Chat will run for approximately 30 minutes and do remember that you can use SkypeOut to place free phone
calls through the end of the year. So Skype on in!

For more information and to sign up for the chat, visit our Partner Wiki space...

We held our first Atlassian User Group yesterday, and it was a tremendous success. We had nearly 50 people
turn out at one point and we spoke with nearly everyone who made the trek out to Falls Church, VA. Thanks
to everyone who joined us!

Ernie Svehla of Intelliobjects started off the evening with a great introduction of Intelliobjects,
Atlassian, and Pyxis who demoed their GreenPepper product. Christian, from Pyxis, provided a live
demo of GreenPepper, showing the slick integration of JIRA and Confluence within their solution.

Next up was Jonathan Nolen, presenting Plugins and the Developer's Network. Jonathan's talk was greeted really
well with attendees asking many, in-depth questions. One of Jonathan's goals was to get users excited about
developing plugins and make them aware of the resources available to developers including forums, the
plugin library, and the developer network.

Finally, Scott Farquhar talked about the product roadmap. As Ernie pointed out, it was really great of Scott
to fly out to DC and attend the event - we could tell the attendees were excited to meet and chat with Scott.
Scott's time up on the podium was the longest (a bit over an hour!), which was dictated by the attendee
questions. I thought the biggest reaction was when Scott rolled out the JIRA 3.7 Roles and JIRA 4.0 slides.

In talking with the team, it seemed the event was a great success. We do have some ideas and thoughts to
make the next event even more valuable. In the mean time, keep an eye on our AUG space for updates and
follow-ups to yesterday's event.

I'm not sure if you saw the news from our blogs yesterday, but we announced the acquisition of Authentisoft
on Thursday. Finding a good single sign-on solution has been a goal for many organisations looking to simplify
user management. Bringing in Authentisoft, a company that creates IDX, a single sign-on Java EE solution, will help
address these organisation's SSO needs.

Over the next few months, we'll be working on the application to make it more Atlassian-like, however today IDX is
fully-functional and works natively with JIRA and Confluence.

We're even happier to announce that Justen Stepka, one of Authentisoft's founders and senior developer extraordinaire,
is moving to Sydney to continue developing IDX full-time. We invite you to read the full press release and check out
Authentisoft yourselves. Stay tuned for additional announcements over the next few months.