You can flag issues in  to indicate that they require attention. Your project administrator needs to have set up a flagging field for your project before you can flag issues. A flagging field is essentially a JIRA custom field that you configure from .

(info) Please note: flagging an issue in does not change the issue's priority in JIRA, nor its relationship to other issues.

To flag an issue in Classic,

  1. Log into JIRA.
  2. Navigate to either the Classic Planning Board, Classic Task Board or Classic Chart Board:
  3. Select your project from the project dropdown in the top navigation bar, if it is not already selected.
  4. Find the issue that you wish to flag.
  5. Open the 'Actions' drop-down menu for the card by clicking the icon (which will appear when you hover over the Issue Type or Priority icons).
  6. Select Flag from the drop-down menu. The issue will display a (warning) symbol against it when you view issues as 'Summaries' or as a 'List' (the symbol will be at the end of the row when viewing issues as a list).
  7. If you want to unflag the issue, simply open the 'Actions' drop-down menu for the card and select Unflag.


Screenshot: Flagging an issue in