Beware, all ye who enter, for here be dragons! This is the starting point for the Atlassian Dragon Quest.

By the time you reach the end of this set of instructions, you will have an awesome Atlassian integrated development suite (details here). There's a good chance that the Atlassian Integration Dragon will scorch the clothes off your back somewhere along the way, so we'll also send you a free, limited-edition Atlassian DragonSlayer T-shirt if you complete all the steps.

(info) If you do not yet have JIRA installed, please ignore this page and start at Here Be Dragons instead.

Assumptions and Prerequisites

Before you start, please note the points below.

If you run into problems at any stage of the integration procedure, please raise a support ticket for the product you're stuck on. Please don't try to battle on alone. Instead, ask for help immediately. You can also see answers from the community.

Rushing into the Dragon's Lair

If you like, you can tweet your status ( ye well, all brave souls and true. I'm starting the Atlassian Dragon Quest! %23AtlassianDragons

On the Atlassian Dragons Twitter stream.

You're ready to start stage 1. Meet the dragon if you dare! Complete this stage first:

Then join the rest of the brave dragon slayers at stage 2: