You can connect your JIRA application to an LDAP directory for delegated authentication. This means that JIRA will have an internal directory that uses LDAP for authentication only. There is an option to create users in the internal directory automatically when they attempt to log in, as described in the settings section.


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Connecting JIRA to an Internal Directory with LDAP Authentication

To connect to an internal directory but check logins via LDAP:

  1. Log in as a user with the 'JIRA Administrators' global permission.

  2. (tick) Keyboard shortcut: 'g' + 'g' + start typing 'directories'.
  3. Add a directory and select type 'Internal with LDAP Authentication'.
  4. Enter the values for the settings, as described below.
  5. Save the directory settings.
  6. Define the directory order by clicking the blue up- and down-arrows next to each directory on the 'User Directories' screen. We recommend that the 'Internal Directory with LDAP Authentication' is at the top of the list. For details see Managing Multiple Directories.
  7. Add your users and groups in JIRA. See Managing Users and Managing Groups.

Server Settings

Note: The option to select a directory type is available only in JIRA 4.3.3 and later.

Copying Users on First Login

Note: The option to copy users on first login is available only in JIRA 4.3.3 and later. It currently copies the data across whenever a user logs in, as per the bug .

Schema Settings

User Schema Settings (Used when Copying Users on First Login)

Note: The user schema settings are available only in JIRA 4.3.3 and later.

Group Schema Settings (Used when enabling Synchronise Group Memberships)

Diagrams of Possible Configurations


Configuring User Directories