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About gadgets

JIRA provides the ability to display summary information about project/issue data on the dashboard, through the use of 'gadgets'. Each gadget can be configured to display project and issue details relevant to particular users. Gadgets can be added to the dashboard — providing a central location for quick access to this information.

You can also add Atlassian gadgets to compatible external websites, like iGoogle. For instructions on how to do this, please refer to Adding an Atlassian Gadget to iGoogle and Other Web Sites.

Preinstalled gadgets

JIRA provides a set of standard gadgets out-of-the-box:

*This gadget will only be available if you have installed/configured the relevant plugin.

Extension gadgets

Other gadgets are available as plugins on the JIRA Extensions site. These plugins include:

Should you wish to you use these plugins, you need to first install them (using the instructions provided with each plugin) then enable them.

h2. External gadgets

{note:title=Security implications}{include:GADGETS020:_Gadget Warning}{note}

Creating new gadgets

New gadgets can be created by writing an XML descriptor file, packaged as an Atlassian plugin​. See Writing an Atlassian Gadget​ for more information.


The big list of Atlassian gadgets