The 'Pie Chart' gadget displays issues returned from a specified project or issue filter, grouped by a specified field. For example, an issue filter can be created to retrieve all open issues for a particular version of a particular project. The 'Pie Chart' gadget can then be used to display these issues grouped by a specified field (e.g. Assignee).

What does it look like?

The 'Pie Chart' gadget will appear as follows on the dashboard:

Click any section of the chart to view the matching issues.

Adding the 'Pie Chart' Gadget to your Dashboard

  1. Go to your JIRA dashboard and click 'Add Gadget'.
  2. The 'Gadget Directory' will appear. Locate the 'Pie Chart' gadget and click the 'Add it Now' button. Then click the 'Finished' button at the bottom of the Gadget Directory.
  3. The Pie Chart gadget will appear on your dashboard as follows, ready for you to configure:
    1. 'Project or Saved Filter'  — start typing the name of the project or filter, or click the 'Advanced Search' link to search for a project or filter.
    2. 'Statistic Type' — select the field on which the pie chart will be based.
    3. 'Refresh Interval'  — select how often you want the gadget to update the chart (never / every 15 minutes / every 30 minutes / every hour / every two hours).
  4. Click the 'Save' button.