Hover Profile is a convenient popup balloon that provides quick access to key information about other JIRA users throughout the JIRA interface and issues they have been working on.

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Accessing Hover Profile

When you move or hover your mouse over a user's username or full name on:

an interactive popup balloon appears.

Screenshot: The Hover Profile popup balloon

(info) Please Note: The Hover Profile popup balloon is not available on user names which appear on activity streams and dashboard gadgets throughout the JIRA interface.

Using the Hover Profile Popup Balloon

The top part of the Hover Profile popup balloon shows the user's full name, avatar, email address and time zone, as defined in their user profile. You can email a user from their Hover Profile by clicking their email address link, which opens up a new email message in your email client with that email address in the To: field.

The lower part of the Hover Profile popup balloon also provides easy access to the following information about a user, via the following links: